“I guess I’m not technically a Florida native but I come pretty close” says singer/songwriter Adam Randall. “I’ve been here since I was 3 and I’m 39 now”.

“My influences for writing songs these days have come mostly from the world of fiction. I’m a big fan of stories. Flannery O”Connor and John Steinbeck make the top of the list”. Adam has released 5 albums over the course of 20 years and his latest work “Different Blood” may be his best work to date. “I recorded the album with Alexander Charos of Alexander and the Grapes. He did some playing on the album and also recorded and mixed it as well. I think it came out really great. It’s a good feeling to try something new and have it work”.

About the album Adam says “The record itself is written from the perspective of several characters that I tried to develop a voice for. I think I write better when I’m not overtly trying to tell people how I feel about things. The characters really helped me get away from myself and I think that gives the songs a life of their own”.